Strategic communication campaigns are the rocket fuel for our clients. Creating and implementing initiatives for a wide variety of celebrities, influencers and leaders in entertainment means shining a spotlight by placing clients where they want to be most, in front of their fans and consumers. Jill Fritzo Public Relations clients are well ­known celebrities and influencers in the worlds of film, television, music, fashion and beauty.

We are the architects behind the scenes supporting their:

  • Film/TV/Music/Book/Theater projects
  • Beauty and fashion campaigns
  • Event and tours
  • Business ventures
  • Studio, network, charity and corporate relationships
  • Sponsorships
  • Non­profit work
  • Crisis communications

We pride ourselves on collaborating with clients in an effort to protect established brands and formulate new opportunities for growth. Not everyone is comfortable navigating their public life and career, and we are here to help raise the right level of awareness for our client’s goals.